Save Money with the Lint Lizard from Telebrands

The Lint Lizard from Telebrands was recently featured in All You Magazine. The Article, “Invest in Products that Pay You Back”, recommended that readers purchase a Lint Lizard to more effectively clean lint from their dryers which would in turn help the dryer run more efficiently. An $11 Lint Lizard can result in a yearly savings of $240 by allowing your dryer to run more efficiently, they said.

For more information on the Lint Lizard, visit the Telebrands website. For the full article, pick up a copy of All You Magazine.

The Lint Lizard from Telebrands Removes Dryer Lint Better Than Any Product

The Lint Lizard was recently featured on NBC Miami. The article discussed the recent Consumer Report which found that the Lint Lizard from Telebrands was able to clean out dryer ducts and lint traps better than any other product tested. According to the article, “thousands of house fires are started each year by clothes dryers clogged with lint”. The Lint Lizard from Telebrands was able to safely and effectively remove dangerous dryer lint with ease.

To read the full article on the Lint Lizard from Telebrands, check out NBC Miami

ABC’s 7 On Your Side Reports the Lint Lizard by Telebrands May Prevent Dryer Fires

ABC’s 7 On Your Side recently featured a story on the Lint Lizard, a Telebrands product. The article was published after Consumer Reports tested the Lint Lizard to see if it would be able to reduce the amount of lint in a dryer’s duct and lint trap. According to the report, “the Lint Lizard worked really well. It removed more lint than any other technique that we tried.” Overall, the Lint Lizard proved to be very effective at removing dangerous dryer lint and potentially preventing dangerous fires caused by clogged dryer ducts.

To read the full article on the Lint Lizard by Telebrands, visit ABC Local

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OrGreenic Cookware, Lint Lizard, and Sticky Buddy are Top Sellers for Telebrands

In a recent article on Drug Store News, Aj Khubani, CEO of Telebrands, discussed As Seen On TV success at drug store retailers. Aj Khubani said “The products have sell-through rates that are at least 10% and can approach 30%” and most ASTV products outperform other sales categories at drug stores. This year’s top sellers for TeleBrands have been the OrGreenic cookware line, due to its healthy alternative to Teflon coating, the Lint Lizard, and the Sticky Buddy. Since the life cycle of most ASTV products is 12 to 18 months, TeleBrands is always looking for new product ideas to help make daily life a bit easier for everyone; who knows what the next big seller will be!
For more information on TeleBrands products at local retailers, visit Drug Store News

Popular Telebrands Products featured on Good Day Dallas

Good Day Dallas recently featured five of Telebrands popular products during a segment called ‘Save me Steve’. The featured products were Orgreenic, PedEgg, Lint Lizard, Sticky Buddy and InstaBulb. The reporters quickly demonstrate some of the products  while playing a small snippet of the product commercial.

Watch the full clip on