Telebrands Branches Out Into Books

Telebrands has traditional been selling products to make life a little easier. Now, in addition to tangible items, they also sell books that are filled with helpful tips. An article made an observation on how successful their products are compared to the books. Usual one in ten products are successful but on the other hand, all three of their books have been hits.

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Telebrands 30th Anniversary Documentary


Telebrands Corporation is celebrating its 30th anniversary in the As Seen On TV business! Telebrands is the oldest existing direct response marketing company and the original creator of the “As Seen On TV” logo. Telebrands CEO and Founder AJ Khubani started the company in 1983. Known now as the “Infomercial King,” AJ Khubani and his team search the world for useful and inventive products that help consumers save time, save money and find effective solutions to everyday challenges.

Telebrands continues to be successful selling As Seen On TV products through direct response and in retail. Some of the company’s recent hit products include the Pocket Hose, OrGreenic Cookware, Flip Jack Pan, Rabbit TV, Bake Pops, Lint Lizard, Sticky Buddy, Who Knew Books, InstaBulb, Edge Of Glory knife sharpener and more!

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Popular Telebrands Products featured on Good Day Dallas

Good Day Dallas recently featured five of Telebrands popular products during a segment called ‘Save me Steve’. The featured products were Orgreenic, PedEgg, Lint Lizard, Sticky Buddy and InstaBulb. The reporters quickly demonstrate some of the products  while playing a small snippet of the product commercial.

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Drug Store News Features Telebrands

Drug Store News recently featured an article detailing the success of Telebrands. Barbara White-Sax, the author of the article, mentions some of Telebrands recently released products providing insights from Telebrands Founder A.J. Khubani.

“A.J. Khubani, CEO of Telebrands, said the company’s business is ahead 20% in 2011 over the previous year, and fourth-quarter sales were up 30%.”

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Telebrands had Record Number of Hit Products in 2011

AJ Khubani, CEO and Founder of Telebrands was recently quoted in an article regarding his record numberof hit products in 2011. “For the first time in our company’s 29 year history, TeleBrands had 15 products ranked in a single year including our most recent hits like, Slice-O-Matic, Plaque Blast, Slim Away, OrGreenic and Bake Pops”

Some of Telebrands’ current products include the Aluma Wallet and the Aluma Wallet XL.

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