As Seen On TV Product Sales Soar in Retail Stores

AJ Khubani, CEO of Telebrands, was recently interviewed by Barbara White-Sax from Drug Store News. According to Khubani, products in the As Seen on TV category have grown in sales by about 20% in the last year and are predicted to continue to increase in the coming year.

“Our market model is very sound. As a group of companies, we test market hundreds of products on television, then bring the top 10 to retail. Drug chains are only getting the products that are most successful. They are consumer-tested with a known demand and significant advertising support,” said Khubani.

This successful model has led to an increased interest from retailers in As Seen on TV Products and an overall growing success.

To read the full article on Telebrands and As Seen on TV Products, check out Drug Store News.

Always Have Something to Watch with Rabbit TV

Rabbit TV by Telebrands was recently featured on Examiner as the new must-have product for your entertainment. The reviewer was amazed at the vast selection of movies and televisions shows that were available on Rabbit TV that weren’t available on Netflix or Hulu such as The Perfect Weapon, The Caine Mutiny, and Europa Europa. “I was amazed that they were found. Clarity was great. Most were viewable in 480P, but many were in 720P. As for TV shows, I was able to watch current as well as classic versions of Hawaii 5-0, but also, I found the entire series of JAG. So needless to say, Rabbit TV has satisfied my sense of ‘There’s nothing on’,” he said.

To read the full review of Rabbit TV, check out the Examiner.

The Pocket Hose Receives an A Rating from AOL

The Pocket Hose was recently tested on  The reviewer wanted to see if the pocket hose really could expand and function like a regular hose. He took it out of the packaging, read the directions and set it up. He was amazed at how the Pocket Hose seemingly came to life and grew to the size of a normal hose! “The pros of the Pocket Hose it that it is relatively cheap and it doesn’t kink or tangle,” he said.

To watch the full review of the Pocket Hose, check out

Find What you Need Easier with Insta-Bulb from Telebrands

The Insta-Bulb was recently reviewed on the KFYR-TV­ News segment ‘Don’t Buy It, Until We Try It’. Amy Fox, a reporter for the station, worked with David Kinney, the assistant manager at Mac’s Hardware, to test out the Insta-Bulb. “You`ll see how the Insta-bulb lights up the dark space, making easier to find things. Once they`re set up, they`re good to go for many years,” said Kinney. The Insta-Bulb also passed their shatter test, which is an added bonus.

To read the full review of the Insta-Bulb by Telebrands, check out KFYR-TV­ News

The Edge of Glory gets Two Thumbs Up

Telebrands product the Edge of Glory was recently featured on the ‘Try it Before You Buy It’ segment on 11 Alive. The 11 Alive crew recruited local viewer Kirby to help them test out the Edge of Glory to see if it if could actually sharpen knives. They tried it out on a set of knives that Kirby had had for years which were now painfully dull. After a few swipes through the Edge of Glory, Kirby’s old knives were cutting like new. “It sharpened my knives, definitely, and it was able to cut my vegetables,” Kirby said. He gives Edge of Glory two thumbs up,” they said.

To read the full review of the Edge of Glory, check out 11 Alive.

The Sticky Buddy is Deemed a Deal!

Fox 16 recently featured the Sticky Buddy on their Deal or Dud segment. The Sticky Buddy is a reusable, washable, lint remover that also comes in a travel size. The reporters tried the Sticky Buddy on a linty sweater and then washed it out to see if it would still work. The Sticky Buddy worked so well, it was even able to pick up mints, sunflower seeds, and peppercorns. “I think this is a deal, it’s better than a lint roller that you have to replace and it’s only $10,” they said.

To watch the full review of the Sticky Buddy, visit Fox 16.

America Now Puts Telebrands’ InstaBulb to the Test

The InstaBulb was recently featured on America Now News in their “Does it Work” segment. The news station put InstaBulb to the test to prove to their viewers if the product is worth the purchase. The newscaster tested if InstaBulb really was safe to the touch after being on for 15 minutes and if it really was shatter-proof. In the end, the InstaBulb passed all of America Now’s tests and was categorized as Yes, it does work.

Watch the full news clip on the InstaBulb from Telebrands on America Now.

ABC’s 7 On Your Side Reports the Lint Lizard by Telebrands May Prevent Dryer Fires

ABC’s 7 On Your Side recently featured a story on the Lint Lizard, a Telebrands product. The article was published after Consumer Reports tested the Lint Lizard to see if it would be able to reduce the amount of lint in a dryer’s duct and lint trap. According to the report, “the Lint Lizard worked really well. It removed more lint than any other technique that we tried.” Overall, the Lint Lizard proved to be very effective at removing dangerous dryer lint and potentially preventing dangerous fires caused by clogged dryer ducts.

To read the full article on the Lint Lizard by Telebrands, visit ABC Local

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